6 Week Intervention

One on One

6 Week Intervention

You Can Reduce Your Anxiety

Reducing anxiety is a learned skill. Even though I'm sure you don't believe that in this moment, it's true. You can become much more at ease in your life. You can become more masterful in reducing and handling anxiety.

And it doesn't take nearly as long as you might expect.

I'm proof of that and will guide you. We will start with 6 week intervention in a tailored block of sessions.

  • Your anxiety affects your daily life

  • Your health is suffering from repeat anxiety attacks.

  • You're unable to talk to your loved ones about your anxiety.

  • You passionately want to reduce your anxiety

  • You want an alternative to medication or want to work towards reducing your current medication

  • You want to understand what causes your anxiety.

  • You want to learn how to handle your anxiety better.


When Should I Call?

Maximum Results

My approach prioritises immediate reduction of your anxiety, followed by a systematic transformation of your relationship with it.

I use biofeedback technology to monitor the progress of your physiological changes.

You will practice short, practical interventions throughout the day in order to increase your awareness of your internal nervous system state and understand how to modulate and down-regulate this system more effectively.

You will also learn how to handle the sensations, feelings and thoughts associated with anxiety differently.

If you're resolute about tackling your anxiety, this program is tailored precisely for your needs.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about the intervention, feel free to contact us.