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With a career path spanning the high-pressure environments of military paramedic and emergency rooms, I intimately understand the toll stress can take on one's life. Despite excelling in these demanding roles, I grappled with anxiety, realizing it was draining the joy from my everyday experiences. Determined to reclaim serenity, I dedicated the past three decades to fervent research, study, and training across various modalities aimed at alleviating stress and anxiety.

Today, drawing from a rich tapestry of experiences and insights, I stand as an Anxiety Coach armed with what I believe to be a transformative and actionable approach. Having worked closely with countless individuals over the past decade, I integrate tools and techniques from the esteemed HeartMath Institute alongside a diverse array of modalities tailored to each person's unique journey with anxiety. My mission is clear: to guide you in down-regulating your nervous system and reshaping your relationship with anxiety.

By honing in on the intricate connection between physiology and psychology, I empower you to transcend the grip of anxiety and usher in a newfound sense of equilibrium and ease in your life. Together, let's embark on a journey toward holistic well-being, where peace of mind becomes not just a distant hope, but a tangible reality.

My methods


Evidence-based tools from the HeartMath Institute to re-pattern nervous system baseline reactivity.
Practical interventions based on work from the Centre for Mindful Self Compassion to naturally address ingrained thought/emotional patterns that lengthen the anxiety response.
Proven specific and targeted mindfulness processes to build emotional stabilising capacities.
Somatic practices that radically change your relationship with your body during times of anxiousness and how you take charge of it

The HeartMath Institute Approach


30+Years of pioneering research 500+Independent research studies; 16,000 citations

500+Hospitals and organizations have utilised HeartMath training

10k+ Health professionals use this approcah with patients

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I first started sessions with Willow because I was struggling with my teenage son. I was losing my patience daily and turning into a crazy women. It was causing not only emotional pain but physical pain in my gut and inflammation in my body. I started doing the training with Willow and really committed to the exercises he’d given me. I took on all the wonderful advise and within a week my life got a little easier. Problems I thought I had, started magically to dissolve. Willow just gets life, he knows how to do it really well! He gives you little bite size chunks of goodness to integrate into your daily rhythm so you don’t get overwhelmed. It’s just enough that you can manage and just enough to stretch you so you grow and expand. And next thing you know, little things you used to worry about, don’t bother you anymore and you’re having the best nights sleep you’ve had in years and getting all your energy back and feeling amazing! Sooo much gratitude to this man. Heart to heart, thank you Willow. I highly recommend doing this with Willow, quite simply it will change your life. – Sam Lycett

Happy clients


Before working with Willow for this training, I was in a place that was filled with anxiety and trying to control everything I did in my work and personal life. I also had a temper that was fuelled by my impatience. Things have changed significantly now. I have learnt to control my anxiety by breathing through the significance of the task at hand. I have learnt to step aside and follow the journey of life rather than trying to control the journey. And my temper has been stamped out. I have time to see clearly what is more important in life than watching the time and getting fired up. Working with Willow has been unbelievable. From the first time we met, he listened to me and identified so quickly how to work with me based on what I was experiencing and feeling. His humble and gracious manor is infectious and his knowledge and how he articulates his practice is first class. The most calming and kind soul I have ever met.” Tony